Tan Khanh Structural Steel and Construction Joint Stock Company specializes in consulting, designing, manufacturing, assembling pre-engineered steel buildings & structural steel, including industrial factories, warehouses, commercial houses, condominiums, high-rise buildings, structural projects. other commercial and civil industrial steels.

The solution for making prefabricated steel buildings consists of dividing them into basic components, such as columns, trusses, beams, purlins, and bracing systems. These components are later divided into smaller portions to make the manufacturing process easier. The quality of the structure is the outcome of the building, so the production process must be strictly inspected and monitored to ensure the quality standards of the structure.

Fabrication of structural steel for factories is the service used when structural steel needs additional processing to ensure its quality. Structural steel products that have yet met the standards, or required to be machined so that they can be installed, will be brought to our factory to be further processed to comply with the design.

Types of structural steel machining that we provide:
We process all kinds of structural steel: Including dome decoration, office buildings, warehouses, factories, steel bridges.
A pre-engineered steel building is a house made of pre-manufactured components in the workshop and transported to the construction site. Currently, the uses for pre-engineered steel buildings are quite diverse, from parking lots, hangars with span lengths up to 90m to low-rise buildings. Tan Khanh JSC is a business specializing in Designing – Constructing – Construction of prefabricated factories at all scales according to each classification needs of our clients. From initial design, manicuring, pouring prefabricated steel building columns to office coordination factories, building factories, building warehouses, building cheap steel truss factories,…
The core value when it comes to designing a factory or building a pre-engineered steel factory is to come up with an economical solution while still delivering outstanding quality.
There are certain explanations for the extra costs when it comes to building factories; including the design unit choosing an unreasonable structural solution or designing too large components. Inappropriate structural solutions often fall into the solution of foundation structure and trusses. Therefore, the economic value and efficiency brought by pre-engineered steel buildings are much higher than many other home solutions.
For example, if you plan to construct a building with a span from 8 to 13m wide, pre-engineered steel would make the cost 40% cheaper than using reinforced concrete buildings; the construction progress would be 50% – 70% faster. Plus, project discharge to the environment is significantly reduced by not having to pour concrete away.
The quality control of structures reaches up to 95% by being 100% manufactured at the factory and installed at the site.
We always want our products to bring the highest benefits to our clients by putting the economic factor along with the technical element when designing and constructing factories.
In addition to the application in the construction of industrial factories, prefabricated steel buildings are also used for many types of projects such as civil steel-framed houses, villas, restaurants, cafes, assembled houses, construction houses,…
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