Successfully fabricated the first Nano product supporting cancer treatment

This is the first time that Vietnamese scientists have successfully built the FGC Nano Complex for Cancer Prevention and Support, which is a compound of nature and plants of Vietnam.

At the workshop “Announcing the results of research and technology transfer of Nano FGC complex in cancer prevention and treatment” took place on 11 October in Hanoi, representatives of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology For the first time, Vietnamese scientists have succeeded in researching and fabricating the FGC Nano-Complex with many advantages over conventional systems. The breakthrough of the FGC Nano Complex mentioned above is the use of all raw materials which are compounds from nature, plants of Vietnam.

TS. Ha Phuong – Head of Nano Biomedical Sciences – Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, said that the direct use of turmeric and triage is not effective because of curcumin. In difficult to mucilage, poor absorption and low levels of notoginseng in the lower jaw. Therefore, TS. Ha Phuong and his collaborators have studied and applied nanotechnology to convert Curcumin from soluble solids into fine water solutes using FGC: Fucoidan-Curcumin-Ginseng Nano-Complex to produce products.

CumarGold Kare is used for prevention and support of cancer treatment. Curcumin (nanomateria) is nano- nated through the simultaneous use of two naturally occurring substances, Fucoidan (seaweed / brown seaweed) and Saponin Notoginseng (tamarind), which improves nano stability and good control. The process of releasing active ingredients, helps to absorb the maximum curcumin

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