Amaccao concrete factory

The brand Amaccao currently has 2 factories producing concrete sewer pipes called Amaccao Pipe with a total area of over 10 hectares in Hanoi and Ha Nam, and the total initial investment value is over 200 billion VND. With the goal of: “Dedicating to make Vietnam and the world a better place”, Amaccao strives to become a sustainable economic corporation in Vietnam, a staple domestic brand, and soon to be international. Tan Khanh JSC is honored to become the construction and finishing unit of structural steelworks for the Amaccao concrete factory.

About us

Tan Khanh Structural Steel and Construction Joint Stock Company (Tan Khanh JSC), previously known as Pham Khanh Mechanical Enterprise, was founded in 1993. In 2003 we officially became the current Tan Khanh JSC, specialized in designing, producing, constructing structural steel, prefabricated structural steel frames, metal roofings; designing, providing level tanks, and other constructional machines.

Công ty cổ phần kết cấu thép và xây dựng - Tân Khánh

After 17 years of developing, Tan Khanh JSC has always prioritized their customer’s faith and benefits above everything, following their motto: “ The client’s satisfaction is the key to our success.” Tan Khanh JSC has been equipped with synchronous and stable advanced production technology along with its refined technical engineers/workers, an efficient sales team, all working strictly under the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000.

We are fully stocked with a variety of machines and equipment in metal processing (cutting, automatic welding, …), as well as constructional devices, such as excavators, concrete pumps, concrete mixers, specialized compactors,… In particular, our supplies are imported from the most reputable brands, domestically and internationally. Before importing materials, we always have documents prepared to evaluate the suppliers.

The works that we’ve been constructing so far have met all technical requirements, quality, fine arts, and progress along with the affordable price, thus creating the peace of mind and satisfaction of our clients.

Impressive numbers

Starting from a humble Enterprise in the Mechanic field, Tan Khanh JSC has claimed its position step-by-step through sustainable high-quality products and services. We officially became the pioneer unit in Thai Nguyen province (in particular and the country in general) when it comes to structural steel and construction. Tan Khanh JSC provides roughly around 500 tons of structural steel per month for its market alone and 6000 tons annually for product groups of pre-engineered steel buildings. We also take part in consulting, designing, producing, and building for countless industrial constructions, warehouses, domestic/international stations. Our company is highly recommended by many clients due to the quality of the products as well as our hospitality.

Công ty cổ phần kết cấu thép và xây dựng - Tân Khánh

Some honorable projects of Tan Khanh JSC:

– Water sports stadium (located in Quang Ninh) – our biggest pride and joy

– Amaccao Concrete factory

– Yen Bai Stone crushing factory

– Nortalic Nghi Son Cooking oil factory

– Vicenza Ceramic tiles factory

-Samsung Workshop (located in Thai Nguyen)

– Bonded warehouse (located in Lang Son)

Constantly evolving to always be a leading unit

Tan Khanh JSC has determined its goal of becoming the leading manufacturer and installation of pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam. Our company tends to keep up with new technologies and invests in advanced construction equipment to deliver the finest products and services in the field of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Tan Khanh JSC always strengthens its capacity, we improve our professionalism in consulting, architectural design, overall project design, technical design, constructional supervision,… From there, we bring modern technologies with superior construction solutions to get the most effective outcome.

Trustworthy, sincere, professional – Tan Khanh is confident to accompany your business!

Tan Khanh Structural Steel and Construction Joint Stock Company

Address: Highway 3, 2 Pham Van Dong str, Pho Yen town, Thai Nguyen province


Phone number: 0842.805.222

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