Quang Ninh Water sports stadium – our biggest pride and joy

On April 30, 2019, Tan Khanh JSC and general contractor Huy Hoang have officially presented investors with the beautiful and modern Quang Ninh water sports stadium. So far, this is one of our biggest pride.


The water sports stadium in Quang Ninh province was a combined construction and completed by General Contractor Huy Hoang and Tan Khanh JSC. The project was approved and completed within 12 months: construction started from March 2018 and completed and handed over on April 30, 2019.

nhà thi đấu thể thao dưới nước tỉnh Quảng Ninh

For a deployment project including foundations, underground water tanks, swimming pools, audience stands, specialist areas, structural steel frames, roofs, and ancillary works, the completion of construction within 12 months is remarkably short. This progress was achieved thanks to the best effort of the two general contractors: Huy Hoang and Tan Khanh JSC.

In December 2018, when other construction works were eligible for us to implement structural steel, Tan Khanh and general contractor Huy Hoang encountered a difficult problem: The progress for the construction of the structural steel only encapsulated within 2 months. After that, the general contractor must also complete other items to be implemented.

nhà thi đấu thể thao dưới nước tỉnh Quảng Ninh


The difficulties that Tan Khanh JSC faced in the process of building steel structures are not only a matter of time. We also had to ensure the requirements of fine architecture with unremarkable staging structure, shading… Construction conditions were very difficult because of the hectic pace, plus unfavorable weather conditions like raining during a cold winter didn’t help as well.

However, all of the difficulties mentioned above didn’t stop us, due to our professionalism and high concentration, Tan Khanh JSC has managed to come through and succeeded.


We desire to create a refined image of a contractor who constantly strives to deliver the project on time as well as making a mark for his unit with magnificent projects. In fact, Tan Khanh JSC always tries to complete all of the projects, despite having any difficulty. And we have been able to do so by following these solutions:

Combined production implementation

With structural steels that are suitable for production at the factory, Tan Khanh JSC proceeds to self-produce and transport to the site. We try to prioritize the production of components at the factory to minimize construction work at the site. With the components that can’t be produced at the factory, Tan Khanh JSC prepares the good raw materials beforehand and takes it to the construction site.

Maximizing human strength & materials

To ensure the progress and quality of our work, Tan Khanh JSC mobilizes the most experienced and enthusiastic people to administer the construction. Director Pham Thanh Binh is regularly present at the site to supervise and makes sure that the working pace’s going steady. At the same time, our best machinery and equipment are also mobilized to serve the construction work.

Not to mention when the trusses were installed, we have mobilized many cranes to serve the construction, including a specialized vehicle that is capable of lifting to 200 tons.

Dual progress implementation

We separate the tasks of each shift (3 shifts with different tasks – matching closely to the schedule with the contractors).

We’re open to new ideas

Initiatives of the construction team and direct construction workers are gathered by regular meetings with the construction team to listen to new ideas. Since then, many innovations have been applied to the construction, contributing to the success of the project such as welding the windscreen from a certain height, or the electric winch system with a pulley system attached to the building structure to help with transporting the structure from the ground to the roof. Below is a large swimming pool, which makes it unable to use conventional lifting equipment. That’s just 1 prime example to show that we truly welcome new ideas and appreciate the people behind them.

Safety first

In the process of structural steel construction, there’s always someone to urge and inspect construction safety, resulting in no occupational accidents.

With a team effort, from leaders to each worker (factory produced and installed at the site), Tan Khanh has brought a work that can be considered a symbol for the tourism – sports industry of Quang Ninh province. When passing through Dai Yen toll station, Dai Yen town, Quang Ninh province, you can look to the right to admire the beauty of the water sports stadium created by the elite Vietnamese miracle workers.
Tan Khanh JSC is extremely proud of having contributed to the creation of a century project for Dai Yen town as well as for Quang Ninh province, which is the water sports arena using structural steel.
nhà thi đấu thể thao dưới nước tỉnh Quảng Ninh

As one of the units specializing in the production and construction of structural steel and pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam, Tan Khanh has always been constantly striving to bring durable and beautiful projects with timeless value, meeting investors’ expectations. For more detailed advice on products that are suitable for your needs and purposes, please contact us for the best support.

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