Tan Khanh JSC has constructed structural steelworks, roof, and drainage systems for Vicenza high-quality ceramic tile factory.

Within 12 months, Tan Khanh JSC has solved the main 3 problems posed by the investor of Vicenza high-quality ceramic tile factory. Not only finishing the construction on schedule and meeting technical indicators suitable for investment costs but we also optimally handled roofing materials and roofing drainage.

About the constructing progress of Vicenza high-quality ceramic tile factory

Vicenza high-quality ceramic tile factory is a unit directly under the Urban Development Investment Corporation – Joint Stock Company, located in Le Mon Industrial Park – Quang Hung ward – Thanh Hoa city. This is the largest and most modern tile factory in Vietnam till now, which is capable of producing bricks of 1200 × 1200. Therefore, this project is very interested in by the investor, Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee, as well as other government ministries.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

Vicenza high-quality ceramic tile factory has a scale of up to 33,000 square meters. It consists of a 66-meter long span frame and a 37-meter high tower. Due to its special characteristic, the investor has set 3 major goals for this project, requiring Tan Khanh JSC to come up with suitable solutions.

First of all, the highest goal of the project is to successfully run the furnace in June 2018. This is an extremely urgent pace because, at the end of November 2017, the new project is simultaneously deployed from leveling to foundation construction.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

The kiln is a key item in the project, it has a very large aperture; the frame is 37 meters high, and below is a complex underground tank system. Therefore, besides keeping up with the schedule, the construction unit needs to ensure the quality and safety of the work. The organization of construction and installation of equipment should take place simultaneously, thus causing difficulties in the organization stage.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

Next, the investor wants Tan Khanh JSC to design and construct the body of the project to optimize the technical indicators so the investment cost would be more reasonable. And last but not least is to find the optimal roof material and roof drainage plan, consistent with the specificity of the Vicenza high-quality tile factory.

Finding solutions to overcome difficulties

Understanding investors’ concerns, the Board of Directors of Tan Khanh JSC urgently completed the design and proposed implementation plan. The project was approved and officially started on November 20th, 2017. After exactly 12 months, the project of Vicenza high-quality ceramic tile factory with structural steel – roofing – drainage system was completed on December 4, 2018, on schedule as committed.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

Producing structural steel at the factory

Vicenza high-quality tile factory project is managed by Deputy Director cum project manager – Mr. Khuc Van Huy, an expert in structural steel design and construction directly participated in the production supervision at the factory as well as detailed design to ensure optimal quality for the project.

On December 2, 2018, a whole month after the commencement, the first shipment produced at Tan Khanh’s factory was delivered to the site and started installation.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

Maximizing human strength & materials To ensure the progress and quality of our work, Tan Khanh JSC mobilizes the most experienced and enthusiastic people to administer the construction. Director Pham Thanh Binh is regularly present at the site to supervise and makes sure that the working pace’s going steady. With a frequency of non-stop working, 3 shifts/day at the factory, and the installation site, on June 30, 2018.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

The spirit and achievements of Tan Khanh initially received praise from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Urban Development Investment Corporation – Thanh Hoa Joint Stock Company and Party Secretary.8, the project successfully ran the furnace.

Changing the construction plan to cope with inclement weather

In the rainy season, the roofing and construction of the suspended drainage system encountered a lot of difficulties. The large roofing area was covered, hindering the drainage and construction. With his determination, the project manager has implemented the Down – Top construction plan (Constructing from bottom to top). This is a risky decision for roofing work because there’s a high chance of making mistakes.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

To meet the investor’s need for commissioning for each unit, the progress must be built, assembled, and constructed in many different areas. A remedy for roofing material has also been implemented to ensure that the building has endurance with the use process. With the efforts of Tan Khanh JSC staff, on November 30, 2018, Vicenza’s high-quality tile factory completed the trial run and overall run. The first bricks from the oven also came with the infinite joy and pride of the investor and the construction team.

nhà máy gạch lát cao cấp Vicenza

As one of the units specializing in the production and construction of structural steel and pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam, Tan Khanh has always been constantly striving to bring durable and beautiful projects with timeless value, meeting investors’ expectations. For more detailed advice on products that are suitable for your needs and purposes, please contact us for the best support.

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